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Best Tweets in Mental Health (wk of 12/19/2011)

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This post is part of a weekly series, Best Tweets in Mental Health, featuring the best posts of the week, in social work, psychology and private practice concerns on Social Work Career Development.

Social Work:

Connecting Social Care and Social Media (Ermintrude2)
"Social Work is built on relationships. We have new ways to build these relationships and new ways to open communication channels....We are living in interesting times and the social care sector can’t afford to be left behind because those relying on it need..."
College of Social Work (Ermintrude2)
"We are in a helping profession and by default we want to help, but the importance of focus is determining the difference between the things we can change through our interventions and the things we cannot change, either due to resources..."

How To Have An Epic Holiday With Your Child Or Teen & Video Games
Gamer Therapist (Mike Langlois, LICSW) 
"Remember that multiplayer games are forms of social media and community.  Your child may be having a chat while they are playing without you even knowing it.  Be patient with them and ask if you are interrupting something. This is good training for when they are interrupting you..."
Job loss and foreclosure crisis takes toll on 31,000 kids in Michigan
Michigan Girl's Cafe
"It is no longer a racial or low-income problem. The bad economy is targeting middle-class families too. In Michigan, the number of homeless students in Michigan has jumped more than 300% in the last four years..."
Language Matters: Non-compliant
Going Mental (Nectarine)
"One of my greatest pet peeves is the term “non-compliant”. Direct from the medical and clinic model of treatment, it is usually used to refer to someone who stops taking their medication against medical advice. It may also refer to refusal to participate in..."
Season’s Greetings from @SWSCmedia
Social Work/Social Care & Media (Claudia)
"Two months on and 1530 followers later, we are very proud, pleased and excited as our ... community continues to bring Social Work and Social Care practitioners... Our debates will resume on 10 January 10 2011 at 20:00 GMT/15:00 EST..."
Some Thoughts on Role and Social Work Identity
NASW (Jim Donnelly, DSW, LCSW)
"A role is a set of expectations within a context or network of expectations... We are not what we do. That may be a difficult concept to get one’s head around. But that in no way devalues or de-legitimizes what we do and are licensed to practice..."
Sticks and Stones, or 3 Strategies for Facing Judgment
Practice Wisdom (Natalie L. Hill, LICSW)
"Instead of repairing the damage after the fact, it behooves us and our clients to prepare them as much as possible ahead of time if/when they're likely to face criticism from important people (e.g., their families). One strategy is inoculation..."
What “Glee” Teaches About Bullying
Social Workers Speak (David Shrank, MSW, LSW)
"Those with low self-esteem, generally speaking, either become the target for bullying, or they become the bully in order to change the social environment and become more empowered. And quite often, those around the bully are afraid of being bullied..."
What’s with the Conflict?: Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays
NAH Blog (Relando Thompkins, MSW)
"... much similar to White privilege, Male privilege, Heterosexual privilege, Ability privilege  and others, it does exist... I can talk about my religious practices openly without fear of how it will be received by others..."


Attachment Theory and the Healing Psychotherapy Relationship
After Psychotherapy (Joseph Burgo PhD)
"... if failures in early attachment damage the brain as it develops, the way to repair that damage (to the extent possible) is through another “attachment” relationship that somewhat resembles but also differs in major ways from that early bond..."
Dealing with Winter's Downside? Light Therapy for Dark Days
NAMI Blog (Doug Bradley)
"Although the symptoms of SAD are similar to those of major depression, they typically are only seen in one part of the year, usually in the winter months... Using a “light-box” to simulate additional sunlight during the day has helped many people with SAD..."
Behind Locked Doors: Deciding On Inpatient Treatment
Healthy Place (Angela E. Gambrel)
"The decision to go into inpatient is a personal one and should be discussed with your doctor and other members of your treatment team. It also is a good idea to talk about it with family and friends, as they can help solidify your thoughts and feelings..."
Do Your Clients Think That Others Stress Them Out! ? Teach Them Metaphors Like Swiss Cheese To Help Them Get Unstuck!
ACA (Judy Belmont)
"I love the analogy of Swiss Cheese, as it perfectly symbolizes life itself... Like the Swiss, our lives have inevitable “holes” and “imperfections,” and these challenges are what enriches our lives and gives us character and depth..."
Meaningful Experiences Make You Happier Than “Stuff”
Laura Schenck, M.A. 
"Experiences consistently outweigh possessions in terms of creating longstanding positive feelings and memories. If you believe that you tend to gravitate toward a pattern of overdoing it with buying “stuff” as gifts for people, ask yourself what it is that you really want to give..."
Self-Care and Joy: How You Can Use What You Love to love Yourself
A Friend to Yourself (Michelle Rosenthal)
Making the commitment to self-care isn’t easy. Mood, other activities and time constraints can make it difficult to follow through... Now, any time I wish to develop some aspect of my self-care, I ask myself, “How can I make this fun?”
The Ultimate Gift – Giving the Gift Being Authentically You
Neuroscience and Relationships (Dr. Athena Staik)
"Being an authentic you has a lot to do with getting to know, to fully accept, and to love yourself and life in ways that allow you to authentically connect to connect to the courage to love with your whole heart...
Tips to Protect Therapists from Taking on the Fears & Distress of Their Clients
Rewire Your Brain for Love (Marsha Lucas, Ph.D.)
"You want to aim to set your boundaries in such a way that you can still experience empathy and compassion, but without taking on the client’s pains and fears.  This balance is critical to being effective and to staying that way, without burning out..."
Top 10 Things to Help Battle Depression
Healthy Place (Jack Smith)
"1. Exercise... 2. Make small, realistic goals... 3. Get a massage... 4. Take my meds... 5. Focus on my family... 6. Seek work-life balance... 7. Stay spiritually fit... 8. Keep my therapy appointments... 9. Listen to music or get lost in a movie... 10. Give back... "

Private Practice:

35 Blog Posts I Wish Therapists Would Write This Holiday Season
Dr. Susan Giurleo
"I’d like to share 35 blog post topics I wish I could read right now to support folks who are struggling as the holidays approach. These posts benefit the readers and could attract new clients to your practice..."
On 13 Insurance Panels And The Phone Isn’t Ringing
Private Practice from the Inside Out (Tamara Suttle, M.Ed., LPC)
"What I think might be helpful to Stephanie since she is in a city where she knows few private practitioners is to find some type of local networking group, and maybe even do some workshops about her niche..."

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