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Best Tweets in Mental Health (wk of 11/14/2011)

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This post is part of a weekly series, Best Tweets in Mental Health, featuring the best posts of the week, in social work, psychology, mindfulness and private practice concerns on Social Work Career Development.

Social Work:

How Not to Do Social Work
"Poverty, Unemployment, lack of Education, Drugs, Domestic abuse, Services being cut, Budgets being cut...As social workers there is a need to challenge these changes, challenge societies views of discrimination, racism, and abuse and neglect..."
College football–what could possibly go wrong?
"Many people are at fault. Number one, of course is Sandusky. The child molester. The actual monster...The one who repeatedly raped children and exploited their trust. But it goes beyond that. We have the bystanders. Many, many bystanders in this case..."
The Deepening Crisis in Mental Health Funding
"Until 2011, Medicaid was largely spared from budget cuts because of federal stimulus funds.  As these stimulus funds expired in June 2011, states are facing $14 billion in potential losses from federal Medicaid revenues..."
Healing Isolation & Facilitating Empathy: The Power of Virtual Worlds
Virtual Connections (Nancy J. Smyth)
"People who are “shut in” have new environments, relationships and opportunities open to them...Most social workers and other human services professionals have no awareness that these worlds exist and so fail to see the opportunities that they can provide in terms of alleviating isolation, providing settings to try out new behaviors, and giving insight into perspectives other than our own..."
On Occupy Wall Street's general strike and social work
The Fat Social Worker (Michelle, MSW Student)
"Unfortunately, it's the people I serve at my placement who I believe are most profoundly affected by our income gap and are experiencing the brunt of the cutting of services in preference to not taxing the rich..."
Part One: why #localgov block staff from using social media at work
Connecting Social Care and Social Media (Shirley Ayres)
"A barrage of emails from social workers from local authorities advised me that they were blocked from accessing a free to download resource which brought together the resources available online to support looked after children..."
Reflections on the Penn State Sexual Abuse Scandal and a Call to Action
From Where I Stand (Andrea B. Goldberg, LCSW)
"As a society, we all have an obligation to protect children and we all share the responsibility of challenging the status quo. Children deserve for us to do more than give lip service to our concerns about abuse..."
Supervision - An Evolving Process  (pick only one)
Practice Wisdom (
"With more experience, clinicians are more confident and have fewer questions for their supervisors...If the supervisor is already familiar with the clinician's work, or has another window into how they're doing with the cases that are going smoothly, this shift may not cause any difficulties. However, if the supervisor doesn't know the clinician well and..."
Supervision and Social Work
The Not So Big Society (ermintrude2)
"Supervision should also be a process of personal growth and reflection although in this sense, it depends very much on the relationship between the supervisor and the supervised...Social Workers need to be responsible, as professionals, for our own learning..."
These kids need to eat: Why the connection between advocacy and direct services matters so much
Classroom to Capitol (Melinda Lewis) 
"She had no idea how she was going to feed her kids without that [SNAP] assistance...The good news, in this tragic mess?...She knew where to go, not just to receive some immediate assistance...for an ally in what she knew needed to be a fight..."
Why do we keep re-enacting the past?
This Is Me (spldbch)
"Unfortunately, the negative patterns people repeat or re-enact over and over again in their lives can be extremely resistant to change.  This is particularly true for patterns that developed as a result of early childhood life experiences..."


5 Points to Remember About Mental Illness in the Family
Healthy Place (Randye Kaye)
"Mental Illness can happen even with the most excellent parenting. It’s an illness. No shame... A correct diagnosis can take years, especially as symptoms develop inconsistently and overlap...An educated family is an asset to healthcare providers..."
10 Things to Learn from Painful Relationships  (Steve Brownlow)
"I believe in changing what can be changed and adapting to what can’t...Other people’s behavior is about them. Your behavior is about you...Your parents may not be the people you wish they could be. Nobody’s are, including my children’s..."
CBT for Depression
Beck Institute Blog
"Dr. Aaron Beck explains the history of biological and psychological research on depression. He also discusses studies that looked at the likelihood of depression in people who experienced trauma during childhood..."
Countertransference Issues in Treating Depression
After Psychotherapy (Joseph Burgo, PhD)
" a working therapist, your own feelings, thoughts and fantasies provide important information to further your understanding of your client... you have to be cautious not to assume that everything you feel comes about because of the client’s issues..."
Debunking the Rock Bottom of Addiction
Healthy Place (Kendra Sebelius)
"You do NOT have to hit a rock bottom in order to get sober, get treatment, and recovery from an addiction. This myth that you have to hit a dangerous low rock bottom can often keep people from thinking they need treatment..."
Even Beginners Can Curb Pain With Meditation
Rewire Your Brain for Love (Dr. Marsha Lucas)
"A little over an hour of meditation training can dramatically reduce both the experience of pain and pain-related brain activation,” Fadel Zeidan, a neuroscientist and the study’s lead author, tells reduces the stress response...”
Passion in 3 x 3 Steps
Rewiring the Soul (Gabriella Kortsch, Ph.D)
"Passion: an unending desire and commitment, along with enthusiasm, motivation and inspiration to work towards a goal...You are missing passion if: you are continually searching for ways to make yourself feel onto a passion that gives significance and meaning to your life..."
Patient Suicide: Part 1-The Phone Call; Part 2: 30 Minutes to Think; Part 3: Fully Present
Part 4: What's a life worth? 
The Irreverent Psychologist (Jason Evan Mihalko, Psy.D)
"It was late in the afternoon when my phone rang...I listened to the message again. Nope. It was the call. My patient wasn't in the hospital. She was dead...No one ever told me what to do after the phone rang...Many have told me that it is not my fault..."
PTSD and Living with Uncertainty 
HealMyPTSD  (Michelle Rosenthal)
"Disconnection is a great coping mechanism at first; the pain and fear are so intense it's just better to shut down and disconnect from the flooding of it all. When we disconnect from all the bad in our minds however, we often disconnect from the good, too..."
Reflecting on Veteran’s Day
Dr. Ann Becker Schutte
"...maybe, instead of thanking our vets, or shaking their hands, or posting pictures of flags, we need to do something else.  Maybe we need to be active and vocal about getting more comprehensive mental health access for veterans..."
Toxic Couple Relationships – Protective Neural Patterns & Scripted Roles (1 of 3)
PsychCentral (Dr. Athena Staik)
"A couple relationship can be described as toxic when, due to intense emotional reactivity and defensive interaction patterns, it no longer promotes, and instead harms the individual mental, emotional, and physical, well-being and growth of each partner..."

Private Practice:

How Will You Compete with the Wal-Mart-ization of Health Care?
Dr. Susan Giurleo
"You need to be prepared to serve people ready to pay more. You need to be a better alternative to Wal-Mart and you will be able to charge higher prices. But, I repeat, you must be special, remarkable, worth the extra cost..."
Private Practice & The Power of No
Gamer Therapist (Mike Langlois, LICSW)
"My prediction is that it will be a two-tiered system, where insurance pays for symptom reduction and chronic mental health conditions for the most part.  Therapy for insight, relationship improvement and quality of life issues will become more and more private pay..."

Social Media/Podcasts:

Connection and Hope: Psychosocial Capacity Building in Response to Disasters
UBSSW Living Proof Podcast (Episode 84)
"Dr. Joshua Miller discusses the many types of disasters that affect people around the world and how to help individuals and communities recover...proposes...Psychosocial Capacity Building...helps to foster access to the social support..that exist in communities"
The De-Stress Kit - (pdf as well as audio)
Institute of Heart Math
"Doc Childre, founder of HeartMath, a leading stress research institute, has written a free booklet De-Stress Kit for the Changing Times that provides a few simple practices to help people intercept and manage stress during this period of challenge and uncertainty."

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