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Best Tweets in Mental Health (wk of 11/7/2011)

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This post is part of a weekly series, Best Tweets in Mental Health, featuring the best posts of the week, in social work, psychology, mindfulness and private practice concerns on Social Work Career Development.

With the Penn State scandal being this week's painful hot topic, please note that there are three social work articles dedicated to the child abuse that occurred there and was covered up.

Social Work:

3 Ways To Engage A Niche Community for Social Good
The Community Manager (Mozart Guerrier, MSW)
"As a social worker, my community manager style is based on strength-based interventions and client focused service delivery...Showing that I care about things outside of my company’s motives has helped to create high trust relationships.... Collaboration means creating shared value...."
Child Abuse Deaths in USA 
Child Protection Lessons (Peter Choate)
"The former director of Human Services in New Jersey, Michael Petit, suggests that people read about child abuse deaths in a way that is too common...the problem is much smaller elsewhere in the industrialized world..."
Dopey About Dopamine: Video Games, Drugs, & Addiction
Gamer Therapist (Mike Langlois, LICSW)
"Playing video games, watching television, eating, and having sex are behaviors that can all be problematic in certain times and certain contexts. But they are not the same as ingesting drugs, they don’t cause the same level of chemical change in the brain..."
Is death a debt?
The Zen Social Worker (Tim)
"In psychotherapy we learn that most of our work is to help others with interpersonal pain or loneliness, intimacy, fear of rejection, being unloveable, etc. Dying very much deals with these issues, families regress around a dying person..."
"I Should be Grateful...?" '
Hope Forward (Melissa Groman, LCSW)
"I think that we can employ gratitude to help us with emotional pain without using it to invalidate our feelings...But emotional pain is still pain. We still feel what we feel, and sidestepping feelings in the name of gratitude or using gratitude to avoid what is true for us usually just stalls our progress..."
My 1st year milestone list
"had a mom reunified with her child (after many of us had voice our concerns and reported her lack of cooperation and progress)...tell (and show) a mom to hold her children's hands when in a busy public space...been so motivated that I seeked out social work graduate school..."
My thoughts on the Penn State Crisis
Cathy Hanville, LCSW
"People do not want to believe this abuse happens...Joe Paterno is just one person who failed that child who was abused and every child who ended up abused after nothing happened. Every person that knew about this and did nothing should be fired..."
NASW Working for the Profession
NASW (Robert Schachter)
"On the employment front, it is distressing how few job openings there appear to be... Another development that we are monitoring relates to social workers in mental health clinics being employed on the basis of the time they see clients...If a client does not show up, there is no payment..."
Everyone Needs Therapy
"Depressed for about a week, I buried myself in work... Maybe it was that rape in the shower that got to me, that picture of the rape in my head... So yes, I buried this story, or tried to repress it, because sometimes things just make you too sad to talk about them..."
Penn State protests: Who are the real victims?
The Fat Social Worker (Michelle, MSW Student)
"And as angry as I am at the Penn State protestors, I think it’s taking attention away from who the real victims are in this situation...It’s the people who were severely and maliciously abused by Sandusky..."
The College of Social Work (@Ermintrude2)
"Learning in social work isn’t a linear process...We turn theories into embedded practice through reflection...Reflection opened me up to  explore the reasons I react and respond in the way I do and to learn and grow from actions I take. It helps me to explore my own prejudices, strengths and weaknesses..."
“The Kings Speech” Offers Lessons on Stuttering, Disabilities
Social Workers Speak! (David Shrank, MSW)
"The film can give social workers an idea of the challenges stutterers face when they try to make their voices heard...Just as the King had a strong voice, all people who are blessed to have a disability such as stuttering have a voice and it’s equally as powerful as any other voice..."


3 Fundamental Activities of Mindfulness
Laura Schenck, M.A.
"Mindfulness is an attitude that promotes openness to experience and acceptance of reality.  When you make the choice to begin to see your life and the world around you precisely as it is, there is less and less of a need to defend and protect what you perceive to be your fragile sense of self that cannot “handle” the truth..."
Fighting the Seen Enemy - Depression and Stigma
Healthy Place (Natasha Tracy)
"We can let stigma, or thoughts thereof, get into our heads. We can start to believe the ignorant judgements of others and we can let stigma bring us down. But we don’t have to. We can fight...I fought the stigma being spread by the ignorant reporting..."
Loving Yourself: A Roadmap
Rewiring the Soul (Gabriella Kortsch, Ph.D)
"Loving yourself begins first and foremost with the recognition that if you are not in a place of well-being inside yourself, it’s up to you to do something about it...In order to show yourself that you love yourself, you must be aware of yourself and your feelings..."
Mental Health & Physical Illness–Two Sides, One Coin
Dr. Ann Becker Schutte
"People are not built out of discrete parts.  We can’t treat our bodies for illness and expect our minds and emotions to be untouched...View yourself as a whole person, to realize that you may be experiencing pain or struggle on multiple levels..."
Narcissism & Emotions (Steven Brownlow, Ph.D)
"Narcissism is a character defense against experiencing chronic shame. Some fantasize that they are bigger, stronger, and more important than they really are so they can protect themselves from feeling small, inferior, and weak..."
On opening doors and therapeutic intervention
The Irreverent Psychologist (Jason Evan Mihalko, Psy.D)
"I've never given much thought about opening doors...I've felt vaguely uncomfortable for several months now as I walk a particular patient to the door. The feeling was so vague I didn't notice it at first..."
Siblings of Mentally Ill Speak Out: It’s Hard for Them Too
Healthy Place (Randye Kaye)
"This post is about Ali, his little sister - and for all the siblings whose grief and adjustments too often get the short shrift...Ali had her big brother, Ben, for the first 12 years of her life, until the changes in him began to spin out of the ordinary..."
Skip Eating Disorder Detours and Find the Path that Nourishes Your Soul
Nourishing the Soul (Joanna Poppink, MFT)
"By giving yourself an hour or two a day (or less) that you commit to an exploratory adventure, you can discover clues to your authentic center. You begin an enjoyable and worthwhile aspect of your journey to eating disorder recovery..."
The Secret to Being Authentic You – Authenticity, Part 1
PsychCentral (Dr. Athena Staik)
"Life does not have to be as hard as we make it. Being who we really are inside is what we each aspire. To love and live authentically is to feel our fears, however, and stretch past them, to tame and to transform them..."
The Yellow Brick Road
ACA (Christian Billington) 
"It is often the case that therapy is initiated because of the something or someone behind the curtain....Oftentimes, this thing, or witch to stick with the Oz analogy is frightening until they are understood, processed and brought out into the open and then they can prove useful and informative...."

Private Practice:

Survive Economic Instability Through Multiple Income Streams (part 1)
Private Practice Tool Box (Julie Hanks, LCSW)
"In addition to providing income stability, diversifying your professional activities with multiple income streams allows therapists to explore a variety of interests, to express creativity, and to get paid for their passions..."
Oh, Yes, You ARE! On Call 24 / 7
Private Practice from the Inside Out (Tamara Suttle)
"Acts of omission, such as not returning phone calls in a timely manner, are definitely grounds for a malpractice suit...A few of the ways that you can responsibly, ethically, and legally take care of your clients’ needs while also taking care of your own needs..."

Social Media/Mobile Apps:

Google + Nonprofit Brand Pages
Beth's Blog
"The long awaited brand pages on Google + are here. I ...was able to identify 88 [nonprofits that had set up pages] from all the responses and placed them in a open circle here...I’m not recommending that all nonprofits should immediately just say no (or yes) to the latest technology tool..."
Mobile App: PTSD Coach
Dept of Veterans Affairs
  • Tools for screening and tracking your symptoms
  • Convenient, easy-to-use skills to help you handle stress symptoms
  • Free download of app... PTSD Coach is not intended to replace needed professional care

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  1. Great compilation as always Dorlee. Thanks for posting my blog post. I see that I was not the only one posting about Penn State this week. I am in a therapist fb group and it was the topic of the week there too. Quite upsetting.

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    It was my pleasure. Your post was a valuable addition to the collection as a whole and to the perspective on the awful Penn State scandal in particular...

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    Furthermore, we can all learn and be inspired from each other, regardless of the years of experience.

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