Sunday, October 2, 2011

Best Tweets in Mental Health (wk of 9/26/11)

Below are the interesting posts that stood out this week... However, if I omitted a link that is noteworthy, please share it it in the comments section.

Social Work:

A Checklist: The Cost of Racism & Privilege
@N_A_H_Blog (Relando Thompkins)

British Journal of Social Work: Special issue 2013 
- invite submission of applications to act as guest editor(s)

"Fill My Coffee Cup"- My Homeless Patient Case

Honor Our Voices - online learning module providing you with the opportunity to see domestic violence through the eyes and voices of children

Social work needs more research so it’s not left out in the cold
@mgoat73 (Martin Webber)

The “how” matters. A lot.

Who Are the People (with Mental Illness) In Your Neighbourhood?
Going Mental


7 Steps to Making Real Change Last
@Mindful_Living (Elisha Goldstein)

Ten Reasons I Didn't Tell (about sexual abuse)

The Difference Between Stigmatizing Mental Illness and Labeling it
@thethirdsunrise (Natalie J Champagne)

Why Psychotherapy Works: Its Effect on Brain Biology 

You Have the Power And You Are Not A Victim

Mindfulness, Meditation and Neuroscience:

Ten Mindful Ways to Use Social Media

Practicing Mindfulness for Busy People

Seeking Strength, Seeking God
Mindful Torah

Social Media/Videos/Webinars:

Building a Business for Social Good with Brian Johnson [Interview]

Social Good Summit : Day 2 : Geena Davis, Paula Kerger, Abigail Disney & Asi Burak
Women and Girls Lead: Where Storytelling, Gaming & Public Media Converge (there are more clips)

Employment/Private Practice:

How to Get a Job in the Non-Profit Sector

Shifting from Insurance-based, to Full-fee

Did any of these articles speak to you? If yes, which one(s) and in what way?

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  1. You cover quite a range of topics in your posts, Dorlee.

    This is a very interesting round-up (mash-up, I think it's called) of what grabbed your attention this week.

  2. Thanks, Marianna - I'm glad you found this collection interesting :)

    It's true that I covered more than what is traditionally covered within a strictly "mental health" category but I feel that mental health is much broader and spans more areas today.

    As I result, I'm changing the title from best tweets for mental health professionals to best tweets in mental health.

    However, perhaps this revised title is still not capturing the full essence...If you (or any of my other readers) has any suggestions regarding the name for this weekly post, please let me know.