Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hospital Interview Follow-Up

To give you an update on where things stand since my interview took place last week at the hospital for the position of a social worker intern, I have essentially been following up on the requested "to do" items. These included getting a medical check-up and filling out a job application form.

The requirement for me to get examined by my physician was to ensure that I am medically fit and that I am not carrying any diseases that I could inadvertently transmit to patients. Hence I was be tested for TB and various other infectious diseases. Thankfully, my doctor has confirmed that I am healthy.

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The job application form is something that they use in order to conduct a background check on me. I was requested to fill out the usual education and job history type questions that one needs to fill out on such forms. I was also asked to provide the contact information for two references.

I gave the name of the supervisor I had at my first year social worker internship position as well as the name of the last manager I had in my former marketing life/career. However, before doing so, I made sure to call them both, give them an update and ask them if they would agree to serving as references for me.

Both my previous supervisors kindly agreed and I then followed up by sending them an updated resume as well as copies of the letters of reference that they had written for me in the past so that they would have all the dates and their descriptions of my work fresh in their mind.

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All the forms have been mailed in. This means that now the ball is back in the hospital's court. At some point over the next couple of weeks, I should be receiving a call to meet with my direct supervisor and have a photo identification card made :)

I can't wait to meet her/him and find out whether I've been placed in the outpatient mental health department or the emergency psychiatry unit.

As always, please share any comments or thoughts. I really appreciate your feedback!

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Photo Credits: Leland Francisco
Count the Garden by the Flowers
From Above


  1. Sounds like things are moving along very smoothly--I'm sure it will feel good to get this all settled.

  2. Hi Nancy,

    Thanks so much for all your support.

    Yes, all seems to be falling into place right now :)

    I received an email confirmation from the head social worker supervisor that she received my materials...


  3. Very exciting Dorlee. Before you know it, you will be up and running. I'm sure you will have great learning experiences there. It must feel great to be working on the next step. And down the road, so many more experiences to come. I admire your courage and wish the best always. Terry

  4. Hi Terry,

    You are so kind. I am thrilled to be at this point where I'm just finalizing the minor details :)

    I can't wait to start. I have so much to learn... The enjoyment and challenge of continually growing and learning is one of the themes that drew me to both my former and new career.

    Thanks so much for all your encouragement.